Everyday Tips for Keeping Your Residential Garage Door In Good Repair

Most residential garage doors will eventually need some type of professional repair, simply due to age and standard wear and tear. However, how you maintain that door on a regular basis will affect its overall longevity, and making a few quick fixes on a regular basis may help to avoid some otherwise unnecessary repair bills. Note a few everyday tips for keeping your residential garage door in good repair and always working as it should.

Weather stripping or stopper

The bottom of almost every garage door will have a line of foam weather stripping or some type of rubber stopper. This strip helps to insulate the garage and keep out insects, while also cushioning the door and absorbing some shock when it closes and hits the ground. Check this weather stripping or rubber strip on a regular basis and replace it as needed. You can even invest in a thicker strip than the one installed by the manufacturer for even more cushioning of the garage door and all its mechanical parts.

Clear the tracks

If your home has a roller garage door, check the tracks that are attached to the garage door's frame and ensure they're always clear of dirt and debris. Spray down those tracks with a garden hose regularly to remove dust, mud, rust and other buildup, and note if there is anything lodged in the tracks that the hose can't remove. Use a wire brush to get those tracks thoroughly cleaned if needed. It's also good to give the tracks an occasional spray with a mechanical lubricant to prevent rust from forming and to keep the garage door moving freely.

Check the batteries and avoid manual opening and closing

Check the batteries on the remote opener that is connected to your garage and ensure those batteries always in good condition. Strong batteries will provide a strong signal from the remote to the opener so the motor doesn't constantly power on and off.

It's also good to always use the remote and avoid manually opening and closing the door; it's especially good to avoid trying to 'help' the door along by pushing or pulling it while it's in motion. When you open a garage door manually, you might put too much pressure on the spring or chains that operate the door itself, so they will wear out sooner than they should. If the door doesn't open and close as quickly as you prefer, consider upgrading to a lightweight door and stronger motor that moves the door more quickly.

Contact a garage door service company to learn more.