Benefits of a Frameless Shower in Your Bathroom

When it comes to installing a shower, one of the most important considerations is the frame structure. Fully framed screens, which have metal channels on all four sides, are one option. Or else, you may opt for a semi-frameless design with framing along the perimeter of the entire enclosure but not along the sides of the door. The premier choice is a frameless shower which is connected with brackets and hinges. Read More 

Why Fire Testing Matters When Buying Doors

Australia is one of the countries that is most affected by natural fires, and even in the winter months, it is not uncommon to see these bushfires flare-up. To protect homes and businesses alike, many of the components of these buildings are required to pass basic fire tests. Door fire testing is a huge sign of quality on whether or not the manufacturer is actually creating doors and entryways that are built for Australian conditions. Read More