How to Find the Best Security Door for Your Retail Store

Maximizing the security of your retail business is an essential step to protecting your investment from burglary. There are various security systems that you can consider, and they include surveillance systems, security lighting and security doors. In most instances, you need to use all these systems together to burglar-proof your premises. Using surveillance and lighting only may not deter determined criminals from breaking into your store. This article will give you a few tips for finding a quality and sturdy security door to keep burglars out of your retail store.

Choose a sturdy frame

A sturdy door frame that cannot be cut or manipulated will effectively improve the security of your store. As you choose a frame, consider its material and construction. When it comes to material, steel, metal alloy and aluminium are popular choices. Steel is the sturdiest of the three, and it offers maximum strength without requiring a thick sheet of metal. Aluminium and metal alloys require much more width to offer maximum protection.

As you choose a custom design for your door, think about air flow. You don't want a door that will completely prevent fresh air from flowing into the space. Therefore, choose a construction design that offers maximum visibility and allows air into the store.

Select an appealing design

Appearance matters when it comes to business. You don't want a door that will negatively affect your store's aesthetics. Therefore, as much as security is a priority, don't neglect the door's appearance. Choose an appealing frame with eye-catching patterns that will add visual appeal to the fixture. One of the ways to achieve this is by choosing a laser-cut door. The laser technology allows you to choose patterns that will be replicated in the door through the use of computerized machines.

Powder-coat your door

Choosing a visually appealing colour for your security door will not only improve the store's aesthetics but also draw the attention of potential clients. However, not just any paint is suitable for a security door. You need coatings that will last for years and protect the door frame, hinges and other components from rust. Remember, rust can compromise the stability of the door and encourage breakins.

Go for powder coatings, as they do not chip or peel off after exposure to moisture and weather elements. Powder coatings are also visually appealing and will preserve the integrity of your security door for years.

Talk to a door specialist for more information on how to find the best security door for your retail store.