3 Reasons Property Owners Must Conduct Fire Tests on Their Fire-Rated Doors

Fire outbreaks are a possibility in any building, and while some incidences are avoidable, others are not. Whichever is the case, property owners must ensure that they are ready for any eventuality, and that is why fire testing exists. The process tests fire-rated doors for their capabilities before they are installed and become operational. The reason is that fire-rated doors come in all shapes and sizes, and if you are not careful, you might end up buying fire-rated doors that are not up to the task. Why do you need to conduct tests on fire-rated doors? Read on to find out more.

Abide by Building Codes -- When building a commercial structure, builders and property owners are required to observe laid-down codes and regulations. Installing fire-rated doors is central to these codes. When a government certifier inspects your building and finds that you do not have the right fire-rated doors, you will be forced to pay fine. This is especially the case when the building is already occupied. While some property owners might not bother much, it is usually a matter of time until their non-compliance is unearthed. Therefore, by fire testing your fire-rated doors, you rest assured that you are using the right doors, thereby abiding by building codes.

Avoid Expensive Litigation -- If you think your building is the last place a fire can break out, then you are naïve. Fires do not come knocking at your door; therefore, it pays to be prepared for such an eventuality. However, some property owners forget this and install any fire-rated door they come across without testing the doors for their fireproofing abilities. If you do this, and a fire breaks out and causes fatalities, you will be blamed if investigations reveal that the doors weren't of the right fire rating. Consequently, occupants will sue you for negligence. Fire testing the doors ensures that you install the correct type of fire-rated doors, thereby avoiding an expensive and lengthy litigation process.

Avoid Expensive Reactionary Installations -- If you buy and install the wrong fire-rated doors without fire testing them. and they are engulfed with fire, you cannot go back to the supplier and ask for a refund. You will just have to go back to your pockets and buy new and genuine fire-rated doors. However, fire testing fire-rated doors allows you the opportunity to know whether your supplier delivered the right doors. If not, you have the right to inform them, and they must exchange the doors for the right type. Since you will not spend money on the new doors, you avoid the expense that comes with failure to fire test your doors.

To learn more about fire testing, consult a resource in your area.