Four Reasons You Should Install Frameless Glass Shower Screen in your Bathroom

Shower screens are a vital part of your house. Your home must be attractive. It is easier to relax in a place that you find beautiful. With that in mind, you should consider using frameless glass screens for your bathroom. Here are four reasons why.  

No Leaks  

Shower curtains can be dull and unattractive. Apart from that, they often leak. Leaks present a risk of falls as you leave the bath area. They may encourage mould growth. Leaked water will also take up a lot of time in the morning. That is because you have to take time to dry the area after every shower. If you choose a frameless glass shower screen, all water remains in the shower.  

Easy to Clean 

Clear glass does not stain. Alternative screens stain and are very difficult to clean. You do not need harsh chemicals that may harm your hands to clean a glass shower screen. If you are a busy person, then this is the perfect option for your shower. Since it does not have a frame, you need not worry about hidden pockets of dirt. You have access to the entire glass pane. 

You, only need to wipe it down with glass cleaner and a piece of cloth. If you do not have glass cleaner, you can mix lemon juice, salt and water, and it will clean your glass shower screen just as well. You can also use a mixture of fabric softener and water.  

Illusion of Space 

Today, most contractors put in a smaller bathroom to have ample living room and bedrooms. That can mean that your bathroom looks cramped. It can reduce the relaxing effect of your shower or bath. Putting in a frameless shower screen will ensure that you give the room an illusion of space. Bear in mind that a glass screen takes up less space as compared to a wall or a wooden door. There is a wide range of sizes available so you can choose a design that works for your bathroom.   


Natural light is a great way to light up your bathroom. Using glass gives your bathroom, whether during the day or night, an elegant and modern look. Bear in mind that since you are using frameless clear glass, it works with whatever is the background. You do not need to worry about colour coordination. 


As shown above, frameless glass shower screens have a host of benefits. They are a great way to add class and sophistication to your home.