Advice For Dealing With a Jammed Roller Door

Roller doors offer a very secure means of shutting off an entranceway. They are versatile, too, being equally suited to garages as they are to business premises and residences. That said, they can sometimes jam up, which can be a hassle to sort out. In the worst cases, roller door repairs will need to be carried out by a professional. Thankfully, more often than not, such repair jobs are quick and relatively inexpensive to resolve. There are some roller door repairs that you can try to carry out yourself, too. So, if you have noticed that slats of your roller door are beginning to jam up, what should you do?

  • Take Action Before a Jam

If your roller door is not opening or closing as easily as it used to, then a more serious issue might be just around the corner. Therefore, to avoid having to carry out a roller door repair at all, the best thing is to take proactive steps. In many cases, a roller door will not wrap around its spindle in the way it should because the interlocking slats are not separating effectively. This could be because there is a build-up of grime in them. By opening your door a little and letting the slats separate from one another, you should be able to wipe away trapped dirt. Work out any remaining particles with an old toothbrush that has been dipped in soapy water.

  • Lubricate the Moving Parts

Like anything that relies on rotational force to operate, a roller shutter or door can become jammed simply because there is no lubrication left to ease the movement. Most roller doors only need a little lubrication to start operating in a trouble-free way. A water-displacing spray is the sort of thing that will be useful for roller door repairs of all kinds, including jams. What's more, by spraying it liberally around the spindle, you should be able to operate your door without it squeaking.

  • Replace Broken or Bent Slats

The slats of roller doors are often made from steel or a lightweight alternative, such as aluminium. If they are broken or bent at the ends, then these metal slats may not slide into their guides properly, thereby leading to jams. If there is a dent in the middle of one, then it can mean the other slats which roll up onto it don't have enough room. This, too, will lead to jams. If your roller door has slats that unclip, then replace those which are not properly aligned or call a professional repairer to remove them so that they can be straightened out for you.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers roller door repairs