Why Security Doors Are So Important During Summer

Security doors are a common attachment to many Australian front doors for three good reasons: they stop intruders, they look good and they last a long time. These three reasons may not seem like very important features on their own but put together they all add up to a very strong and well-built door that could save you a lot of money. Here is a closer look at just how security doors fit into all three categories and why that should matter for you when you and your family are home.

Stopping Intruders

Nobody likes to think about thieves or someone breaking into their home, but the reality is that every day across Australia this does happen. Thieves are looking for the easiest target, and security doors provide strength against brute force, bladed attacks and any sort of prying tools used on the hinges. This makes your home a lot more difficult than the average target, which either means you have time to call the police as the intruders take ages to try to get through the security doors, or they will simply walk away. The latter option is far more likely, and many homeowners don't even realise they have had an intruder try to break in when they have a security door at the front.

Looking Good

While security is important, so is presenting a good facade to the outside world. An ugly steel door that looks like it should be on a prison is not a very attractive prospect to Australians who take pride in their home's appearance. Luckily, modern security doors are not like that at all. In fact, many of them are customisable to your specifications, from the colour to the size of the grates and even the doorknobs. Even the most basic and cheap options look like little more than flyscreen doors, which are common and add a nice rustic charm to your home, 


Older security doors were built with strength in mind, often at the expense of durability. With new iterations, both are important. The last thing you want is to have to replace a security door after a measly couple of years. Security doors are tested in extreme weather and have special chemicals and coatings that make them resistant to the scorching sun and the freezing heat. No matter where you are in Australia, a good security door will still last you at least a decade, and often much longer.

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