Benefits of a Frameless Shower in Your Bathroom

When it comes to installing a shower, one of the most important considerations is the frame structure. Fully framed screens, which have metal channels on all four sides, are one option. Or else, you may opt for a semi-frameless design with framing along the perimeter of the entire enclosure but not along the sides of the door. The premier choice is a frameless shower which is connected with brackets and hinges. Here are several benefits of going with the frameless alternative.

Expands the Bathroom

Frameless showers present a smooth glass expanse that is mainly free of metal.  As a result, these showers appear to be invisible. They don't conceal the shower area,  giving the impression that the bathroom is one integrated space. This makes the area appear larger. On the other hand, framed screens provide a visual barrier to the shower and divide the area into two zones, making the bathroom appear smaller.

Simple to Clean

The metal edging on framed showers forms crevices that catch moisture which can lead to mould.  So you need to wipe around the margins of each screen where the metal meets the glass when cleaning these enclosures. On the other hand, a frameless shower has discreet hinges and brackets, leaving less exposed locations for mould and mildew to thrive. Thus, they're easier to clean and maintain.

Suits Diverse Bathroom Styles

Although a frameless shower has a sleek look that you may associate with modern decors, it can also work with classic, vintage, and industrial styles. Glass is a relatively neutral material due to its transparency. Consequently, you can install a variety of tile and vanity styles without having to worry about them clashing with the shower. For example, use expensive travertine tiles or art deco geometric design tiles. The shower will blend in with your chosen style and won't get in the way.

Durable and Safe

Frameless screens are made of thick, toughened glass that goes through a tempering process to make them strong and durable. As a result, even though the glass panels are clear, they're unlikely to break. Even if they do, they crumble into spherical balls with no sharp edges that might cause cuts.

Frameless glass shower screens have several benefits. They open up the bathroom to make it feel like one large open space. They're simple to clean and don't have a lot of metal areas that can attract mildew. They also use robust safety glass, which is overseen by building codes. Finally, because transparent glass is a neutral material, these showers blend with whichever design you choose for the rest of the space.